47: How to Brand Your Business with Taylor Prather

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Taylor Prather is a dear friend of mine who is a genius when it comes to branding sense. She is the *queen* of branding, and she’s sharing her tips with us on how to brand your business in a consistent way.

Taylor owns T. Madison, an Arizona-based women’s clothing boutique. She first started her career working in a small boutique in California and loved the experience – but never thought she would open her own. She ended up going to cosmetology school and entered the beauty industry but after going through a burnout, she decided to start her own boutique within her mom’s furniture store. T. Madison was born.

Why branding is so important to any business

It makes it memorable, Taylor said. She’s very careful to create an entire experience for customers. Whether they’re following her on Instagram or walking into her store, they will find an aesthetic that makes T. Madison stick out in their minds as unique.

Consistency is key

I know every morning I can count on the T. Madison account to show me amazing content on Instagram stories. She’s built that consistency and as a result, customers know they can rely on her for content.

“Instagram is the new blog and stories are the new Instagram,” Taylor said about the importance of being present on the platform. Her team really focuses on putting their time into the Instagram Stories to connect with the audience.

Favorite apps for social posts

  • VSCO is Taylor’s #1 app for editing photos for Instagram.
  • Unfold and StoryLuxe are her favorite apps for her Instagram stories. “It’s really been a game changer for our social and for our stories.” The apps give her media a beautiful “look book” aesthetic.
  • Canva is a huge help to Taylor for creating materials for the store.

Why batch posting to Instagram works best

Taylor and her team sit down and use the app Plann to schedule their Instagram posts out at one time. By dedicating time to this versus quickly posting just to post, the outcome is so much stronger.

“I make great captions when I’m sitting down to do it rather than posting on the spot.”

Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to branding

“It is really important to stay true to yourself,” she said. “Doing it in an authentic way that is still you and sticking to what you love about yourself or your business and implementing that to your branding. It’s easy to see other people’s ideas and what they’ve done…but I think it’s still important for you to just not copy other businesses…Try to put your own spin on it.”

The first step to start creating your branding

Pinterest is Taylor’s go-to place for branding inspiration. Start a board that’s about your business – everything from branding to your office or store aesthetic. You’ll find that board will serve as huge inspiration for you, and you can then start bringing it all together into your life and business.

“I’ve really made an effort to stay inspired,” she said.

Don’t be afraid to just start

Taylor admits that she changes her business all the time. It’s natural to grow, change and evolve – so don’t let that stop you from starting.

“It doesn’t have to be the final kind of style, the final Instagram page,” Taylor said. She transformed her own aesthetic over time of posting on Instagram, creating logos and stocking her shop – and she allowed herself to evolve. “You can definitely change things up.”

What keeps her going

“I’ve had a lot of moments of ‘Oh my gosh, am I doing the right thing?” Taylor said. “Whenever I think I’m not doing something right…I just remember the support we have from our customers and the audience on Instagram. It makes you realize, ‘I have to stick with this.’”


Taylor’s personal Instagram account @TaylorPrather and her shop @T.MadisonShop

The T. Madison website is here
VSCO app

Unfold app

StoryLuxe app

Canva app

Plann app for planning your Instagram post and stories

Check out Milanote here



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