52: 7 Easy Things To Do To Lift A Funk

Let’s talk about being in a funk – and what we can do to feel better.

Full disclosure: I was in a total funk yesterday. I had gone to the doctor in the morning to help my back heal from an old dance injury. I’ve had pretty constant pain in my back from it over the last six months, and dealing with chronic pain can take such an emotional and physical toll. The doctor recommended an intense rehab program that I’ll have to pay for out of pocket, and things just snowballed from there. Thoughts of this cost and other bills I have triggered this “funk” and I soon went down a total spiral of overwhelm on everything from bills to work responsibilities.

Then I thought about a quote I love: “Don’t believe everything you think.” That’s something I’ve been repeating to myself a lot lately. Just because we think something doesn’t mean it’s true. So when you find yourself going down that spiral, pause and tell yourself, “Don’t believe everything you think” and ask yourself, “Is this really true?”

After going through that exercise myself, I googled talks from Abraham Hicks and Gabby Bernstein about money blocks. After listening to those, I sat by myself and asked my intuition, “What would feel good? What would be the next best step for me?” Only you actually know what’s going to make you feel better.

Now beyond doing these things, I’ve compiled a list of seven other go-to steps I do when I’m not feeling my best. Check those tips out below and try them next time you’re feeling in a funk!

1: Accomplish something. You want an easy win here. It could be making your bed, getting the dishes done, returning five emails. See yourself accomplishing a task from start to finish and feel good about it!

During my funk yesterday, I looked at a floor lamp in my office that was still sitting in its box. I needed an easy win and I knew that lamp was it. I stopped everything, opened the box up, put the lamp together and instantly moved up my emotional scale.

Let’s pause and talk about your emotional guidance scale. I learned about this concept from Abraham Hicks. He says we have 22 emotions: #1 being the best emotions you can feel and #22 being the worst. We always want to be working on going up the scale. Always reach for one higher emotion from where you are and as long as you’re doing that, you’re getting in greater alignment and attracting better things into your life.

Here are the 22 emotions, from worst to best:

#22, the lowest feelings you can have, are fear, grief, depression, despair and powerlessness. #21: insecurity, guilt, unworthiness. So those are still bad emotions, but those are better emotions than the former.

#20: jealousy

#19: hatred and rage

#18: revenge

#17: anger

#16: discouragement

#15: blame

#14: worry

#13: doubt

#12: disappointment

#11: overwhelm

#10: frustration, irritation, impatience

#9: pessimism

#8: boredom

#7: contentment

#6: hopeful

#5: optimism

#4: positive expectation and belief

#3: enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness

#2: passion

#1: joy, appreciation, empowered, freedom, love

I want you to get really familiar with this scale and notice where you are on it throughout the day – then just move one step better. It’s hard to go from #20 to #1, but try to take that small step to #19 and see where you can go from there.

  1. Clean your space. When our physical spaces are clean and clear, it allows our minds to be too. I promise this makes a difference. If you’re feeling funky, go clean your space.

Side note: While I was cleaning yesterday to get out of my own funk yesterday, I found an unexpected check in a pile of mail that seemed specifically placed by the universe for me to feel peace and awareness. These things happen to us if we pay attention!

  1. Go for a walk outside immediately. I love this tip. Just feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin will instantly help you feel better. I’ll grab my dog Jett and go outside for a walk while listing all the things that are working for me. It’s a great exercise to flip your brain from focusing on everything that’s going wrong or what’s left on the to-do list. Walk outside and list what’s working for you – big and small – and you will instantly feel better. (Psst: You’ll also move up on your emotional scale!)

If you want an extra boost to this exercise, repeat two of my go-to mantras: “Everything is working for me” and “This is a universe of well being.”

  1. Do a brain dump. Sit down and write everything down on paper that you need to get done. Get all those thoughts and tasks out of your body and out on that paper. You’re getting the overwhelm out of your head and visually in front of you. Now you can start planning when you’re going to get everything done, but please, give yourself permission to just focus on 1-2 things at a time from the list.
  2. Go buy yourself fresh flowers and light some candles. You KNOW I’m all about fresh flowers. They lift your mood more than you realize. Additionally, candles or essential oils add uplifting aromas in the air. Citrus, in particular, does a fantastic job at raising your vibration. So grab those flowers, light those candles and feel your mood instantly lift.
  3. Put on a positive podcast, talk or music. Start listening to anything positive that’s motivating to you. Hopefully my podcast does that for you. I personally also  love Jenna Kutcher’s “The Golddigger Podcast” and Amy Porterfield’s “Online Marketing Made Easy” as well. I’ll regularly google an inspirational speaker I love and turn on one of their talks. Listen to something uplifting and ride that wave. If you have a go-to podcast, talk or song, share it with me on Instagram Stories and tag @Whattheeffpodcast or @taylormorgandesign and I’ll share it with everyone!
  4. Pause and breathe deeply. When you’re feeling funky, it is OK to stop, do a meditation or take a nap. You are only human. Allow your body and mind to rest. It’s perfectly fine to take a time out so you can return feeling better. Remember: Everything is working for you. Don’t believe everything you think. Tell yourself the things that actually are true.

One more time, my tips are:

  1. Accomplish something that’s an easy win right away.
  2. Clean your space.
  3. Go for a walk outside immediately.
  4. Do a brain dump.
  5. Go buy fresh flowers and light some candles.
  6. Listen to something positive.
  7. Pause and breathe.

It is OK to get in a funk! Do not get down on yourself for this – you will feel it. It’s about learning what to do when you feel it and how to come out of it. Choose love again. Choose to believe in yourself again. Take back your power and don’t let a few bad thoughts ruin your day. Choose one thought better and you’re already doing amazing.

If you’re listening to the podcast, I’d love to know! Take a screenshot that you’re listening to today’s podcast and share it on your Instagram Stories, tagging me at @Whattheeffpodcast or @Taylormorgandesign so we can connect further.


52: 7 Easy Things To Do To Lift A Funk
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