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“Screw it,

I’m doing this!


What the Eff.

Why Feeling Good First Leads to What You Want

Have you ever thought to yourself, “When I get X, then I’ll feel happy.”

When I graduate, then I’ll feel happy.

When I lose 10 pounds, then I’ll feel happy.

When I fall in love, then I’ll feel happy.

I think that’s something we’ve been taught, that we have to have something happen and THEN we’re allowed to feel the emotion. But can we be real for a second? If we don’t feel really good on the way there, then we can’t get there. We have to feel good along the way – it’s essential. We have to be at the same vibrational match as what we desire.



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In my past life, I worked as a full-time Fashion Designer for Tommy Hilfiger. You’d find me designing menswear by day and for fun designing my own label by night. Being my own boss versus working for a boss made me happy. That’s when my 26-year-old self decided to take a leap of faith and launch my own activewear brand Cove. While designing your own label might sound dreamy, the truth is I had no idea “what the eff” I was doing starting a business.

Insert all the business and “how to” podcasts I could find. They were great and I loved them. But I noticed everyone started their podcast after they had “made it”. Where was the space for the dreamers and entrepreneurs still figuring it out? I wanted to know if these successful entrepreneurs ever felt burnout or like they didn’t know what the eff they were doing. But kept going anyway? Anyone?

That’s why What the Eff was born. To humanize (and normalize) the entrepreneur journey and encourage you dreamers and doers out there. Chasing your dreams takes guts. And a lot of faith in yourself. What the Eff is a place where you show up for your dreams even when you don’t have all the answers. We’re giving you permission to say “Screw it, I’m doing this!” Because quite honestly? You can!



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